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Can our kids afford to live, rent or buy in Tunbridge Wells?

The Communities and Local Government Secretary has warned that it has become “normal” for young people to be “exiled” from the areas in which they grew up due to the chronic lack of affordable housing.

Greg Clark made the speech at the annual Local Government Association conference in Harrogate. ¬†Speaking about the grim situation facing first-time-buyers in many parts of the country, the MP for Tunbridge Wells said: “For centuries, to be exiled, to be sent away, was considered to be an extreme penalty, reserved for the most serious of offences against the community.”

¬†¬†“Yet in many parts of our country it has become normal for young people to leave, though not out of choice. This might be to find work, but more and more, it is to find a home that they can afford.”

Greg Clark MP made the comments at the Local Government Association Conference in Harrogate“If we want to maintain the chain of community – and a place for the next generation – then we must make sure we have the homes to welcome them to. The responsibility lies with us – national and local leaders alike.”

“It is a defining test of our generation of leaders that we care for and resolve the fears and foreboding of the next generation when it comes to that most basic of questions – ‘Where and what will I call home?'”


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